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Monster Cable
Monster MPOWER8001 Power Strip. 8 Outlet
Item ID: MPOWER8001-U
List Price: $69.99


Monster Surge Protectors secures your home and your gadgets. Plug multiple devices without worries with the Monster Power Strip Surge Protector. Our heavy-duty power strip can accommodate up to 8 plug-ins, and 2 USB ports. Keep your electronics safe from dangerous power surges with Monster s Fireproof MOV Technology that protects more than just your electronics, but also your family. Use at home or in your studio with sensitive and expensive equipment, including computers, pedals, amplifiers, servers, etc. Monster Surge Protectors provide reliable safety when you need it. • MULTIPLE OUTLETS: Our power strip surge protector can provide protection for up to 8 plug-ins, and 2 USB ports with up to 1,960 joule energy rating • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Safeguards your electronics and studio equipment from permanent damage due to power surges caused by storms or outages; our power strip surge protector can also prolong the life of your gadgets • FIREPROOF MOV TECHNOLOGY: Monster Power Strip Surge Protectors feature MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology which prevents electrical fires that can cause irreparable damage to your items and home • CHARGE MOBILE DEVICES: Featuring USB charging, this surge protector safeguards not only your AV equipment, but powers and protects mobile devices, like a smartphone or tablet • LIGHT INDICATOR: This heavy-duty surge protector power strip has a built-in LED light that indicates when your devices are protected and when your wiring is properly grounded