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SE Electronics
SE DM2-MIC-PRE T.N.T Active In-Line Mic Preamp
List Price: $199.00


The DM2 T.N.T is an active inline preamp based on the acclaimed DM1 DYNAMITE – featuring even more gain, less noise and more flexibility so your precious go-to microphones shine like never before. With an integrated recessed gain switch, the DM2 T.N.T lets you choose between a moderate 15 dB or explosive 30 dB of clean, transparent gain for more headroom and a clean signal with an ultra-high impedance input and eight load settings to perfectly match your DM2 T.N.T with any microphone. Intended for direct connection to the output of a passive ribbon or dynamic microphone, the DM2 T.N.T streamlines the traditional inline preamp by eliminating the need for an extra cable, and its compact size makes travel convenient, so the gain you're looking for is always by your side. Switchable, clean and consistent gain from moderate 15 to explosive 30 dB Two gain levels ensure even higher flexibility on various sources, designed for neutral, balanced sound quality and dangerously low noise. The uncompromising design ruthlessly boosts the signal independent from load impedance or cable length. Able to be matched perfectly with any passive microphone to boost the signal, the DM2 T.N.T reduces the likelihood of interference and provides a significantly improved level to your interface/mixer's preamp – all without adding noise or coloration! Get the best out of your mics with variable input load Common inline preamps tend to strain the transducers of passive microphones due to their electronic design, which results in a degradation of sound quality and output level. Thankfully, the DM2 T.N.T's ultra-high impedance input allows for any load on passive microphones to achieve the best out of your mic collection so they can shine like never before! At the twist of a dial, explore eight settings ranging from an unconventionally low 50 O to stunningly high 10 MO to match your preamp with any mic accurately for clear recordings with the lowest noise possible. Built to unleash the best